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Private Client

Multiple Policies

Centor's broking team were able to help a client make significant savings on their private insurance

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Private Client Multiple Policies


An existing commercial client contacted our Private Clients Division and requested that we look at their personal insurance profile. This consisted of the following policies:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Contents insurance for a family members home
  • Motor insurance for a spouse’s vehicle



The total premium being paid per annum was £12,906. Four of these policies were looked after by a broker who charged an admin fee for each policy. All the policies had a different renewal date which was highly inconvenient for the client.

The buildings and contents policies were separate which would have meant paying two excess fees instead of one in the event of a combined buildings and contents claim.


What we did

The client passed over the portfolio of cover and they agreed and signed a transfer of agency letter for each policy. This allowed Centor to evaluate each risk and try to amalgamate five policies into one portfolio. We carried out a full re-broke and assessed the client’s sum insured with their personal assistant. We soon discovered that the client would be better off financially by cancelling all five existing policies and taking out one combined policy through Centor.



The client was able to benefit from a premium saving immediately. Previously they’d been paying £12,906 per annum. They’re now paying a significantly lower premium (with no admin fees) of £7,869 per annum, making them a saving of £5,037. We were able to combine the buildings and contents insurance, meaning the client would only have to pay one excess fee in a worst-case scenario. The client now only has one renewal date.


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