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Construction Company:

Building Materials Stolen

We worked hard to get a new client’s outstanding claim paid when their previous broker recommended they take the insurer’s initial low offer.

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Construction Company: Building Materials Stolen


Centor won a new client who had a troublesome outstanding claim. A container had been stolen from the contract site, which had part of the existing structure (various kitchen items) in it worth circa £20,000, plus the cost of the container.


The insurer threw the claim out because there was no contents cover (hired in plant only). Only a small element of the building materials was offered for settlement at £800.

What we did

We managed to find an extension for contents temporarily removed which was persuasive enough, coupled with our argument that it was stolen from a carpark which wasn’t the contract site for the insurer to change their stance.


The insurer made an offer to settle for £12,000 but we argued this was too low (albeit there was a complete absence of supporting papers). The claim was finally agreed at circa £15,500 on a 40% indemnity basis.

From the claim being offered for settlement at just £800, our client was paid at £15,500 and they were delighted. Our client commented:

“Thank you for your work on this, considering the initial offer was less than £800 and our previous brokers recommended the settlement I think you have worked a miracle!”

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