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Commercial Client

Cyber Claim

Increased claim settlement following Centor’s intervention

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Commercial Client Cyber Claim


Our client had their systems breached in a highly sophisticated hacking attack that lasted for several weeks.


During the initial incident response, it became necessary for the client to send their head of IT to the USA to meet with a specialist cybersecurity firm who were assisting with stopping the attack. The insurer advised that the policy would not cover the travel costs.

What we did

We liaised with the insurer to explain the wider background to the client needing to send their head of IT to the USA. We asked the insurer if they could consider the costs as “incident response costs”.


Following Centor’s intervention the insurer agreed to pay for the costs, just under £4,000.

The total amount paid by insurers in responding to this attack on our client’s systems was £344,653. This shows that their purchase of a £7,200 Cyber Liability policy – recommended by Centor – was a very wise investment.

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