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Large Building Contractor:

Contractors All Risks Insurance

Tough negotiations by Centor’s technical experts ensure £40,000 claim is paid.

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Large Building Contractor: Contractors All Risks Insurance


Severe water damage estimated at upwards of £50,000 was reported by our client at one of their construction sites.


The roof of a new building had been punctured several times during the installation of air conditioning units over several weeks. The insurer argued that each installation – and subsequent damage – was a separate event under the terms of the policy and that it was therefore within its rights to apply a £2,500 excess to each “event”. This approach meant that a significant proportion – if not all – of the claim would be cancelled out by the application of multiple excesses.

What we did

Centor’s technical experts worked with the client to put together a comprehensive explanation of the sequence of events, which the loss adjuster appointed by the insurer finally accepted. This reduced the number of events to four, triggering application of only four policy excess totalling £10,000.


Our negotiations with the loss adjuster on behalf of our client ensured they received a claim settlement of £40,000, rather than zero.

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