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National Retailer:

Corporate Risks Insurance Programme

An in-depth insurance review and Centor’s extensive partnerships with overseas brokers achieves major savings and better cover

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National Retailer: Corporate Risks Insurance Programme


A well-known high street retailer had just completed a major acquisition and was expanding rapidly both in the UK and abroad. It needed to review its insurance to make sure it was adequate to cover the much expanded business.


We were given the opportunity to review their current insurance programme arranged through a national broker and found significant gaps in cover. The overseas exposures did not appear to be insured within the main programme and the renewal premium sought by the incumbent insurers appeared excessive.

What we did

We carried out a full remarketing exercise based on a highly technical and detailed Admitted Global Insurance Programme for the liability covers. We utilised the EU Freedom of Services Directive to place the material damage covers with a separate insurer. This complex programme was placed working in partnership with our network of overseas brokers..


By adopting this approach we saved the client over 35% on their insurance costs, a figure in excess of £70,000. It wasn’t just about saving money as we have provided a robust programme that has supported further growth of the business over the past five years. Our client said:

‘That’s really good news. Further premium reductions coupled with interest free payments. Well done!”