Group Private Medical Insurance

There are a range of benefits which fall under the heading of ‘medical cover’ and picking your way through them can often be confusing. Centor can help explain the options, their costs and benefits and put together the right package for clients.

Private Medical Insurance pays the cost of private medical treatment for individuals who suffer acute conditions. The cover usually includes in-patient tests, surgery and hospital accommodation and nursing. It can be extended to cover out-patient consultations and treatments such as physiotherapy.

Employers can benefit from putting this cover in place as it means employees are treated faster and can usually return to work more quickly. This is a particularly useful benefit for employers to offer their key employees.

Employers who adopt Employee Assistance Programmes do so with a view to encouraging their employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Such schemes offer staff access to  confidential counselling services where they can discuss a range of general personal issues regarding their health, lifestyle or job. Group Dental Insurance works in a similar way to medical insurance. It meets the cost of routine check-ups and preventative care and, depending on the scheme, will reimburse the costs of treatment in full or part.

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