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11 July 2016

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Why you should have Employee Benefits

Having a good employee benefits package in place may not seem as important compared to the other types of insurance your company has in place but they can be of huge benefit in the long term. We can arrange everything from group life and income protection policies, as well as group private medical insurance and business protection. (See here for an explanation of what these policies mean.)

Why you should have them

–          It helps you attract and retain the best staff. A good benefits programme has become increasingly as important as salary when it comes to selecting a new job. A Monster Insights study of nearly 1,700 participants showed having a good healthcare plan was the most important benefit, with holidays following closely behind. Centor can’t comment on how many days’ holiday a company should give its employees, but we can ensure you get an appropriate and affordable package so you can attract high-quality staff and keep them, saving you money in training and recruitment costs.

–          It contributes to a better staff morale and higher productivity. Another study shows 96% of employees who are satisfied with their benefits are satisfied with their jobs. Research shows that when employees are happy with their benefits, they are more productive.

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