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27 January 2020

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Why cyber security is everyone’s business


In today’s inter-connected world, it is more important than ever to be aware of the risks your business faces from cybercrime – not just financial but also reputational. Reputation and customer trust takes years to build.  It can be destroyed in a moment by a successful cyber-attack.


Lack of staff awareness is the biggest facilitator of cybercrime

The traditional image of cybercrime is a hacker hunched over a laptop methodically breaking into your system. The reality is somewhat different. A more accurate representation would be your average employee, sitting at their desk, innocently clicking a link on a random email.

Rather than wasting time and effort navigating their way through your firewall, cyber-criminals have learned to rely on tricking unsuspecting employees to gain access. 80% of business cyber-attacks start with phishing. It’s so much easier for the criminal to send an email to a staff member. Perhaps, one with a bogus link from which they can harvest information or insert spyware (to monitor your data) or ransomware (to lock you out of your system). Or, perhaps, one that impersonates a senior executive, or a member of accounts or an outside organisation requesting credentials, passwords or money. The hackers’ continuing use of these approaches says all you need to know about their effectiveness.


Minimising the risk

In response to the risk to company cyber security posed by their own employees, savvy companies – in addition to reviewing their systems and their insurance cover – are investing in security awareness training for their staff. The aim is to educate and to foster a feeling of personal responsibility and accountability for cyber security among their workforce.


Online Cyber Awareness Training

In collaboration with Protect 2020 Academy, Centor has developed an E-Learning platform with training modules designed to create awareness and educate our client’s employees on the cyber threats that they are exposed to.

With our training, your staff can develop a sound understanding of cyber risks and how to mitigate them, equipping them with up to date knowledge, enabling them to remain safe, both at work and at home.


James Groves, Commercial Division Assistant Manager comments,

“Cyber security in an organisation is everyone’s business. Breaches most often occur because a staff member is doing the wrong thing, but for the right reason,” says James Groves.

“With the right training, a company’s staff can be its first and best line of defence, which is why it is important that all employees, understand the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks and how best to mitigate them.”


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