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1 October 2018

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The Centor Claims App

We are proud to announce the launch of our new motor claims app. This app will improve early notification of claims, assist with information gathering and enable your drivers to report incidents at the scene, notifying both their fleet manager and our claims team here at Centor.

It is no secret that claim costs can escalate when incidents are not reported promptly, especially when at fault.

There are many additional third-party costs that will influence the overall cost of a claim. These can be anything ranging from the hire of a replacement vehicle, the storage cost of the damaged vehicle, and unnecessary solicitor fees should the case go to court.

By reporting the incident early, your insurer can engage with Third Parties, make arrangements for repairs and if required, a replacement vehicle through their own preferred suppliers. They can also be proactive in settling any third-party injury claims before the involvement of solicitors escalates.

Claims made easy

Following a simple step by step guide, drivers will be able to gather all the relevant information with supporting photographic evidence. This will speed up the whole process of the claim, helping to reduce the overall cost.

The Centor Claims App is now available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.