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5 September 2016

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Centor managers hold mock interviews for Discover Risk students


discover_risk_logoCentor helped two young people on their path towards a career in insurance last month by carrying out mock interviews.

As part of the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Discover Risk programme, two Centor managers interviewed one university graduate and one sixth-form pupil and gave them advice about their CVs.

HR manager Jackie Olmit says they were impressed with the amount of work experience and volunteering both students had undertaken. “We made the process as realistic as possible, for example, sending the ‘candidate’ a job specification in advance of the interview,” she says.

“After the mock interview, we gave the students feedback about how to handle certain questions and what they should prepare in advance.”

This isn’t the first time Centor has participated in CII’s Discover Risk programme. Two managers recently spoke at Discover Risk workshops, where they spoke to secondary school students about what it’s like to work in the insurance industry.

Discover Risk is run by the Chartered Insurance Institute and aims to promote a career in the insurance sector. The scheme has around 1500 members from schools and colleges.

Find out more about the collaboration between Discover Risk and Centor here, or go to Discover Risk’s website to find out about the other opportunities the scheme offers.