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20 October 2022

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Yellow Weather Warning: Thunderstorms forecast

The Met Office have issued yellow weather warnings to the majority of the country in regards to possible flooding due to thunderstorms forecast. Their report can be read here.

When your premises are at imminent threat of flooding consider the following measures:

  • Where possible relocate vulnerable plant, equipment, materials to a safe area.
  • Special consideration should be given to high valued items and/or those critical to the continued operation of the business such as electronic equipment and records; paper archives; tooling/patterns; stock, materials and work in progress particularly susceptible to damage such as paper, card, and soft furnishings.
  • Vehicles needed to help recover following flood such as forklifts, plant trucks; tractor trailers and the like should also be considered.
  • Securely anchor any internal or external equipment likely to be displaced by high velocity, fast flowing flood waters. Moving of fixing such equipment will reduce the risk of further damage from floating debris.
  • If a sump pump system is present, perform an operational check.
  • Safely shut down and isolate services and utilities within the premises including electricity
    and gas supplies, pumps, compressors, generators, fuel supply lines and tanks.
  • Cover essential machinery and plant with large plastic sheets.
  • Consider corrosion/rust preventative compounds and inhibitors.
  • Have available filled sandbags and other flood remediation measures around the premises to deploy at possible entry points and around essential plant and machinery.