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16 October 2014

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Volunteering to help the Salvation Army Services Centre, in the heart of London


For the past two years Centor have been honoured to provide practical support, through volunteering, to the Salvation Army No 10 Drop in Centre, located a stone’s throw from Oxford Street in the West End.

Every Monday afternoon, two members of our Team attend the Salvation Army’s “film club”. We help set up the room, prepare and distribute refreshments, and watch a film with the service users that they have chosen from a shortlist of three DVD’s. We have also assisted with sorting and washing donated clothes. This is entirely voluntary but those who have participated have all found it tremendously rewarding and an uplifting experience.

Our help in running the club frees up the time of the Salvation Army staff to assist the service users in finding accommodation, clothing and additional everyday support that they may need, such as help with filling out application forms and writing letters.

The Salvation Army has a long history of working with people who are vulnerable and marginalised in every community offering practical support and friendship. Family breakdown, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and drug and alcohol dependency are just some of the reasons why people can lose everything they value, including their dignity.

It has been our great privilege to be involved with such a worthy cause and to work with the Salvation Army team who provide such valuable help to the community. We look forward to continuing to volunteer for years to come.



 (Picture: Our Claims Director, Paul Field, with two of the Salvation Army Centre “heroes”)

Their website provides a greater insight into how they are helping London’s Community