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18 September 2018

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How to prepare for a Storm

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for London and the South East of England for this weekend.

With winds expected to hit as high as 80 mph, we have some useful tips on how to prepare and what to do during and after a storm.


How to prepare for a storm

  • Secure all loose objects in your grounds – such as ladders, furniture or anything else that could be blown into windows.
  • Close and securely fasten your doors and windows, particularly those on the windward side of the building and especially large doors such as those on garages.
  • Park vehicles in a garage where possible. Otherwise keep them clear of trees, walls and fences.
  • If your building is fitted with storm shutters over the windows, then ensure that these are closed and fastened. Close and secure loft trapdoors with bolts.


What to do during the Storm

  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • If you do go out, try to avoid walking or sheltering close to buildings and trees. Keep away from the sheltered side of boundary walls and fences.
  • Do not go outside to repair damage whilst the storm is in progress.
  • If possible, enter and leave your property through doors on the sheltered side of the property. Open internal doors only as needed and keep them closed behind you.
  • Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. If you have to drive, avoid routes that involve crossing bridges or high open roads. Be aware of side winds.
  • Do not park cars along the seafront, waves can cause significant damage to vehicles. Do not stand near seafront areas, the large waves are dangerous.


After the Storm

  • Be careful not to touch any electrical/telephone wires that have been blown down during the storm.
  • Do not walk too close to walls, buildings and trees as they could have been weakened.
  • Make sure that any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe.