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19 July 2018

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Private GP appointments made easy

It has been well documented in recent news that waiting times for NHS GP’s are on the up. The average waiting times in London increased to 18 days in 2017, a record high. The situation is not likely to improve anytime soon with an industry shortage of doctors occurring. This has been attributed to wage cuts within the industry.


The big question, what are the alternatives?

Hospital walk-in centres are there for patients that cannot wait for a GP appointment. The obvious downside to the walk-in centres are the agonisingly long waiting times which are subject to change at any moment.

Private Healthcare offers a significant service improvement to that of the NHS, but can be quite costly. If a patient is fortunate enough to work for a company that provides this benefit then they are in luck. However, there are still plenty of SME’s that cannot afford to pay out for private health insurance.


What is the solution?

Centor can provide clients with access to the UK’s first online platform allowing patients to book convenient appointments with local NHS and Private GPs. These schemes can provide GP appointments within 48 hours, with a significant proportion of those appointments being on the same day. Appointments are available from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week, allowing patients to book appointments through the app at any time.

If required, the doctor will be able to refer patients to a specialist and write prescriptions if medication is needed.

This business model is mutually beneficial for all. The GP can generate additional income without the overheads associated with setting up a private clinic. Doctors typically earn between 2.5 to 3 times more than they would working for the same amount of time for the NHS.


What are the costs?

This service is not as expensive as it sounds, with annual packages available offering patients any amount of appointments per year.

GP Prices

This model is not only a perfect solution to businesses that can’t afford private healthcare for all its employees, but a great addition to have alongside health insurance as it will not affect premiums.


Paul Mardlin, Centor’s Employee Benefits Manager, comments:

“Your employee has easy access to a GP for quick diagnosis, minimising out of office time and waits that can be experienced at the local NHS surgery”

Paul Mardlin

For more information, get in touch with:

Paul Mardlin

020 7330 8708