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30 October 2019

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Own a property in a high-risk flood area?


Periods of serious flooding are set to become ever more frequent in the UK.

Climate change – leading to increasingly extreme weather and rising sea levels.

Urbanisation – resulting in more impermeable surfaces and poorer surface drainage.

As a result, flood defences that historically provided protection against all but a once-in-a-century event, are now offering a far lower level of security and are being over-run ever more frequently.


Statistically, you are more likely to be flooded than burgled

It is a worrying fact that one-in-every-six properties in the UK is at significant risk of flooding (UK Public Accounts Committee). 2.4 million of these buildings are at risk of river and coastal flooding, a further 2.8 million from surface water flooding.

Understandably, Insurers have started looking more closely at properties that have suffered from previous flooding and/or properties located within high-risk flood areas. These properties are often hit with a high flood excess.

If those properties were to suffer a flood loss, this could result in some serious financial difficulties when reinstating the property to its prior condition.

To ease the pain of large excesses Centor can now offer Flood Excess Insurance.  This provides cover for your flood excess following a valid claim on your primary insurance. For example, if a residential block of flats has an excess of £20,000 with their primary insurer for flood and suffers a valid claim of £100,000, the primary insurer will pay £80,000 and Flood Excess Insurance will pay the excess of £20,000. It is also worth pointing out that even if the loss falls below the flood excess amount, Flood Excess Insurance will still cover the cost.

Flood Excess cover is available on excesses up to £100,000 – for commercial, landlord and residential properties.


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