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19 December 2019

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Festive Top Tips

With the festive period upon us, it’s a good time to think ahead and make sure you and your family are safe this Christmas.



Unfortunately, Christmas Day is generally the worst day of the year for fires and accidents with cooking, candles and Christmas lights are often to blame. In order to keep your Christmas merry, why not follow these simple fire safety tips:

1.    If you buy a real Christmas tree, make sure that it’s not already shedding needles. Stand it away from doors, fireplaces and heat sources. Water it regularly and, if possible, spray it with flame retardant.

2.    Only use fairy lights marked with British Standard BSEN60598 2-20 and a Kitemark. Before putting them on your tree, ensure your lights are in good condition and none of the wiring is exposed.

3.    It may sound obvious, but don’t leave lit candles unattended. Many people spend Christmas day hosting their family, or friends, and can easily overlook this when focussing on accommodating their guests.



The Fire Brigade are not the only people who are busy during Christmas. Unfortunately, the festive season is also a lucrative time for thieves, who are taking advantage of the long nights and often busy schedules.

Make sure your presents and valuables are hidden from view of the windows and doors. Thieves are, by the most part, opportunists. By keeping your valuables out of plain sight, you will dramatically reduce your chance of being burgled.

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Winter Driving

Over the festive period, people often take the chance to catch up with friends and family. Taking a few minutes to prepare your car for winter could save a lot of time and trouble. It could also reduce your chances of being involved in an accident or break down.

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