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5 December 2018

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The secret of attracting good staff and holding on to them

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You’ve interviewed the perfect candidate. You’ve offered them the job. Everything seems all set. And then … then, they break the news that they’ve accepted another offer!

Sadly, this is an all-too familiar and frustrating story in these days of record employment.


The Secret

So, what’s the secret of not only attracting the best talents, but also hanging on to them in this competitive marketplace.

The answer is often disarmingly simple. People are attracted to organisations where they feel they will be valued and rewarded.  It sounds obvious, doesn’t it. One piece of research shows that 96% of staff who are satisfied with their benefits are also satisfied with their jobs. Benefits can explicitly define your company’s approach. They are a very visible statement about how much you, as an employer, are prepared to invest in the well-being and future of your staff.


The Package

What is the right benefits package? The answer will vary from industry to industry and individual to individual. However, it is likely to include a combination such as private healthcare, discounted gym membership, holiday/ family time, income protection, retirement planning, assistance programmes – e.g. counselling – and thoughtful little extras like loans for season tickets or vouchers for cinemas, coffee or iTunes. In other words, a mixture of personal and family well-being, financial reassurance and considerate perks.


The Inside Track

This may sound complex and it may sound expensive. However, this is where Centor can help.  Our experts, have wide experience of different industry sectors and different benefit types. They have access to market deals which mean they can secure many of these benefits at considerable discounts. They can work with you to put together a flexible package, to suit the needs of different individuals, that is affordable for your organisation, attractive to your staff, and has a measurable effect on your business.


Paul Mardlin, Centor’s Employee Benefits Director, comments:

“Whatever perks employees in your field prefer, Centor is here to talk you through all the options and offer you eye-catching, affordable benefits packages to help you attract the best possible people to your company.”


For more information, get in touch with:

Paul Mardlin

020 7330 8708


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