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5 August 2016

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Case Study – Storm Damage

Our Claims team dealt with an interesting case recently where a client submitted a claim for storm damage to broken and loose stucco mouldings atop a large Victorian property.

The client provided several repair quotes, which all mentioned storm damage, and the most competitive was for nearly £6,000.

The insurer declined the claim, stating there were no storm conditions noted on the date of the loss. They said the masonry was old and it was likely the cause of the damage was age-related deterioration and therefore it was not an insured peril.

We didn’t accept this and did some research of our own. We established that on the night in question there had been severe gale force gusts of up to 47 miles per hour in the area. The loss adjuster’s initial response was to argue that while there were strong winds, the property must have been in disrepair.

We did not accept this either and asked for it to be referred to the insurer. Once the insurer looked at the evidence we had presented, they instructed for the claim to be paid in full.

The client was very pleased commenting: “This is a welcome result especially following their first response! Many thanks.”

This is just one of many examples of how we can argue your case and make sure your claims are settled promptly and fairly.

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