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8 February 2018

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Why we became a B Corp

By Paul Field, Claims and Support Director

Centor has always been about doing business the right way, from treating our staff and clients fairly, being open and transparent about our business activities and being good citizens by doing what we can to benefit stakeholders in our community.

So when we heard about B Corp, we were eager to get involved. B Corp is based around the principle of using the power of business for good. It is a fast-growing global movement run by B Lab, a non-profit organisation. It arrived in the UK a little over two years ago, with 62 accredited members. That number now stands at 149 and counting.

Why did we want to join this community? We are passionate about running a profitable business but equally passionate about our mission to be a socially responsible business. We want to work with like-minded people – those who share our values, who appreciate that those values don’t need to be sacrificed in order to make a profit. It took us two years of hard work to get there, and when we achieved it in January last year, we were delighted.

We have found our fellow B Corps, who range from management consultancies, media agencies, energy suppliers and so much more, to be knowledgeable and innovative. They are passionate not only what about they do, but about doing it in the right way – the B Corp way.

We are proud to be a B Corp. We believe it is good for our business, good for our clients, and for the wider community.

Click here to find out more about B Corps. Or call us on 0207 256 7300 to have a chat with us about how we found the accreditation process.