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17 September 2021

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What does a Commercial Crime policy cover?


It’s human nature not to think about fraudulent activity against your company, but sometimes this happens and so it’s important to ensure you have the right cover. Outlined below, is a short synopsis, of a what’s covered.

What’s covered?

A Commercial Crime policy is designed to cover your company’s financial losses in the event of a crime committed against you. It can cover money, stock, goods or property or funds stolen by employees.

A flexible Insurance Policy

A flexible insurance policy, usually called an All Risks Policy, will cover theft, computer violation, telephone fraud, public relations costs, malicious data damage and commercial disruption.

Some policies also include access to investigative experts to establish the extent of the loss and how it was done.

We’ll also provide assistance to help you minimise the risks you are exposed to which will hopefully help reduce the number of clams you potentially have to make.

If you need or want to know more, our helpful handout will prove useful.

Click here to download it.