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22 August 2023

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There has been a sharp increase in the theft of luxury vehicles


Our Claims division have seen a sharp rise in the theft of luxury cars, not just in the London area, but across the UK. Whilst Range Rovers remain the top targets, it appears Bentleys & Ferraris are now becoming targeted, and thieves are becoming bolder, with gated driveways and secure parking garages no longer seen as a deterrent. If you own one of these brands, we urge you to be extra vigilant at this time. Below are some tips on keeping your vehicle safe:

Think about where you park

Always be mindful of where you park your vehicle. Preferably choose a location which is well lit at night. Also choose a reputable and verified parking facility. Especially ones that offer CCTV and security accreditations.

Protect your vehicle key

To prevent your vehicle key signal from being replicated and scanned we suggest using a faraday pouch.

Hide Valuables

Do not leave any valuables on show which may give thieves the opportunity to break into your vehicle.

Steering locks

Whilst these alone will not prevent a vehicle from being stolen, their visibility provides an extra hurdle for opportunists to overcome.

Our Head of Private Clients, Ricky Downs also offers additional precautions to protect your vehicle.

“To protect against key-cloning, key theft and hacking ensure that you have both a tracker and an immobilizer and confirm that the subscription to this is up to date. A lapsed policy on your tracker could make your insurance invalid. And of course, always lock your car, regardless of how long you’re parked for.”


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