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24 November 2021

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The MET office warns of increased floods as UK faces wetter winter

The MET office have warned that the UK is facing a wetter winter (from November to January) with the wetter conditions most likely in January next year and beyond. Because of this, the Environmental Agency have urged people to check if they live in a flood area online and to sign up for flood warnings. Here’s some tips on what to do if you are at risk:

Preparation is key

§  Understand if you are at risk of flooding. will be able to provide guidance on this.

§  Find out from your Local Authority if they provide sandbags. If so, use them to build a barrier in front of doors and low windows.

§  Secure all loose objects in your grounds – such as ladders, furniture or anything else that could float away and cause issues.

§  Close and securely fasten your doors and windows, particularly those on the windward side of the building and especially large doors such as those on garages.

§  Park vehicles on higher ground.

§  Prepare an emergency kit containing all your important documents, telephone numbers, a torch, mobile phone and a first aid kit. If you are taking any form of medication, remember to pack that too.

§  If possible, be prepared to take any valuable items with you if you must leave. If this is not possible, consider moving them upstairs where they are safe from flooding.

§ Where possible, avoid entering flood water as it may contain sewage. Move to the upstairs of your property and keep safe and warm.

§  If your property begins to flood, turn off the electrics and water supply.

§  Follow the advice of your Local Authority, they will have an emergency plan in place.

§ Do not walk too close to walls, buildings and trees as they could have been weakened.

§  If your house has suffered a flood, do not turn on the electrics until a qualified electrician has deemed it safe to do so.

§  Make sure that any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe.