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15 March 2023

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The Building Safety Act 2022

From April, people who own or manage high-rise residential buildings will need to register their  buildings to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act 2022. This email encourages you to be ready, and prepare now, by providing some background to the Act and information links about your obligations.

The Building Safety Act 2022

The Building Safety Act 2022 outlines the safety requirements for landlords of higher-risk buildings in England.

Under the Act, high-rise residential buildings which are 18 metres tall or higher, or at least seven storeys, with two or more residential units are defined as ‘higher-risk’.

This legislation is in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy and is aimed at making properties safer.

The Building Safety Regulator

The Health and Safety Executive is setting up the new Building Safety Regulator. More information about their role and how they can support you, can be found here.  You can also register for their updates here.

When did the Building Safety Act become law?

The Building Safety Bill became legislation known as the Building Safety Act 2022. It received Royal Assent on the 28th April 2022.

Full implementation of the Building Safety Act is October 2023, which means each building owner should have their building safety regime in place by this time.

Registering your building

The Act introduces two new role: accountable persons (AP) and principal accountable persons (PAP). It will be the responsibility of the principal accountable persons to register high-rise buildings from April 2023. More information about how to prepare for this registration, the definitions of AP and PAP and what you need to do before you register can be found here.


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