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30 April 2018

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Centor sponsors a young girl and a guide dog puppy


A young girl in the Philippines and a guide dog puppy in the UK will soon benefit from Centor’s corporate social responsibility.

We have sponsored a girl named Kezie Myrell Oliva and her family, who live in the Philippines, and a guide dog puppy named Alfie.

Sponsoring a child

Arranged through Plan International, we chose to sponsor a young girl wherever there was the greatest need. Five-year-old Kezie was chosen. She lives with her parents, brother and sister in Eastern Samar, which is vulnerable to typhoons because of its location. Most recently, it was hit by typhoon Ruby in 2015, which resulted in massive loss of life and damage to properties and infrastructure.

Eastern Visayas, the region Eastern Samar sits within, ranks third overall among the regions with the highest poverty incident. It also has high rates of malnutrition and students dropping out of education due to expense and the need for them to work to help their families.

This is why we are so pleased to be sponsoring Kezie. Plan International has been working in the region for nearly 15 years, and in that time, it has implemented community development programmes focusing on health, education, child protection, and disaster risk reduction. It focuses on helping all children, but focuses on girls to work towards achieving gender equality.

Sponsoring a guide dog puppy

We have also started sponsoring a six-week-old guide dog puppy named Alfie, through a charity named Guide Dogs. The organisation trains guide dogs to help people with sight loss have the same freedom as everyone else.

Many blind and short-sighted people struggle to leave the house due to lack of confidence or fear. A guide dog is a safe and effective way for them to get about independently. It takes two years and costs nearly £45,000 to train a guide dog.

Centor Claims Director Paul Field, who also sits on our corporate social responsibility committee, says these two new sponsorships illustrate Centor’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of others.

‘It’s important to us to do all we can to support charities doing great work, both locally and further afield. We’re proud to be able to support two such worthy causes.

‘We are looking forward to seeing both Kezie and Alfie develop, and seeing the benefit this has for others.’

Click here for more information on Plan International, and here for more information on Guide Dogs.

For more information on Centor’s CSR, please contact:

Paul Field

Claims Director

0207 330 8702