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10 May 2023

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Our next webinar: A Guide to how health and safety, and employee engagement, drive performance

Employee engagement, according to leading authority Gallup, is a key driver for many areas of business performance, including growth (43% more), profitability (23% higher), quality (41% better) and workplace accidents (60% less).

As recruitment and staff retention challenges the UK, can Health and Safety provide an unobvious driver to creating higher levels of employee engagement from your existing workforce?

Register for our upcoming webinar to explore how Health and Safety correlates with Employee Engagement, covering:-

• Employee Engagement
• The business benefits of a highly engaged workforce
• H&S and the hierarchy of Engagement

Register for your complimentary place here.

Webinar details:
Date: 24th May 2023
Time: 10.30am (45 minutes including Q&A)