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30 September 2019

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Centor does Tough Mudder for Haven House Children’s Hospice

On Sunday the 22nd September nine Centor volunteers set out in the rain to conquer Tough Mudder – a nine-mile obstacle course designed to challenge participant’s stamina, strength and overall resilience.

The course had many obstacles with intimidating names such as Everest, Leap of Faith, The Gauntlet, Block-Ness Monster and the dreaded Electroshock Therapy. The Centor team managed to navigate through each obstacle together, helping each other to overcome their fears.

The heavy rain from the previous night made the track even muddier than usual, which presented a fun challenge for our runners, who were slipping and sliding along the nine-mile route.

After four hours the team crossed the finish line together, battered, bruised and very muddy, but with big smiles across their faces. Tough Mudder had provided a fun challenge for all and was excellent for team building. Better still, the team managed to raise sponsorship for the wonderful Haven House Children’s Hospice.

Haven House specializes in the caring for children and teenagers with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, you can do so by clicking here.

Centor Team Tough Mudder