Yacht Insurance

Centor’s extensive experience of assessing and insuring super yachts and their crews has enabled us to develop ‘Yacht by Design’, an exclusive insurance and risk management package specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of this market.


Exclusive, innovative solutions for individual needs

Centor Yacht Partnership Logo‘Yacht by Design’ is a flexible package of insurance cover that enables us to create the perfect bespoke insurance policy for any size and value of super yacht, its crew and guests.

Meeting expectations and specifications

We keep abreast of the latest issues, legislation and trends that affect you so we can provide the best advice and support. Not all policies will meet the needs of every super yacht and crew so it’s essential that your insurance and risk management strategy is unique to you and your specifications.

Whether you are a super yacht owner, prospective owner, manager, captain, designer or owner of a builder’s yard, we can assess your requirements and objectives, and offer the best cover for you. Our cover accommodates:

  • Yachts valued up to US$120 million
  • Protection and indemnity cover with a minimum limit US$500 million
  • Medical insurance up to a limit of US$5 million per person
  • Cancellation by charterer covered up to US$100,000 per week
  • Charterers’ liability insurance up to US$10 million
  • Loss of revenue by owner of charter insured up to US$350,000 per week
  • Stand alone cover for unspecified contents including linings, soft furnishings and floor coverings with lower self insured excess

Expert advice and support

We ensure that your yacht, crew and guests are fully and appropriately covered round the clock. All clients have a dedicated account manager as their personal, direct and single point of contact and we have a proven track record of prompt and fair claims settlement.

Talk to us

To discuss how Centor’s professional, discreet and exclusive service can make the difference for you, please call us on 020 7330 8718 or email yachts@centor.co.uk.